Mishimoto 2020+ Toyota Supra Charge Pipe Kit - Red - MMICP-SUP-20RD

Mishimoto 2020+ Toyota Supra Charge Pipe Kit - Red - MMICP-SUP-20RD

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Whether your 2020+ Toyota GR Supra is bone stock or sending massive power to the pavement via an upgraded turbo, your B58 needs to breathe. The stock plastic charge pipe fitted between the turbocharger and the intake manifold is adequate for daily driving, but the GR Supra was built for more than just the daily commute and hauling groceries. If you want to get the most performance out of your Supra, it's time to ditch the restrictive plastic charge pipe and upgrade to Mishimoto's performance aluminum charge pipe.

This Mishimoto performance aluminum charge pipe for the 2020+ Toyota GR Supra replaces your stock fragile plastic charge pipe with a free-flowing, 3in aluminum version that's guaranteed to last the lifetime of your Supra. Our design removes the kinks and pinched sections of the stock pipe in favor of smooth flowing curves. We've also designed our couplers and flanges to transition seamlessly from one component to the next. All of this adds up to a charge pipe that outflows stock by up to 42%.

Our performance charge pipe is constructed from two mandrel-bent aluminum pipes with CNC-machined flanges for ease of installation, maximized durability, and perfect fitment. Two pre-installed bungs can be drilled and tapped for boost pressure sensors or methanol injection. The included coupler is made from five layers of silicone with embedded heat-resistant fibers and are reinforced with steel wire to prevent ballooning under high boost pressures. This charge pipe kit is a direct fit with no other modifications required and includes constant-tension worm gear clamps for reliable performance. Like all Mishimoto GR Supra products, this is backed by our lifetime warranty for a lifetime of performance.

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