Lund 04-10 Chevy Colorado Ext. Cab Ultima Dual Lid Gull Wing Crossover Tool Box - Brite
Lund 04-10 Chevy Colorado Ext. Cab Ultima Dual Lid Gull Wing Crossover Tool Box - Brite
Lund 04-10 Chevy Colorado Ext. Cab Ultima Dual Lid Gull Wing Crossover Tool Box - Brite
Lund 04-10 Chevy Colorado Ext. Cab Ultima Dual Lid Gull Wing Crossover Tool Box - Brite
Lund 04-10 Chevy Colorado Ext. Cab Ultima Dual Lid Gull Wing Crossover Tool Box - Brite
Lund 04-10 Chevy Colorado Ext. Cab Ultima Dual Lid Gull Wing Crossover Tool Box - Brite

Lund 04-10 Chevy Colorado Ext. Cab Ultima Dual Lid Gull Wing Crossover Tool Box - Brite

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Constructed of thick diamond plate aluminum, fully welded seams, and a reinforced dome style lid lined with high quality foam weather stripping; the Ultima storage box is hardworking and reliable. Designed with a full length piano style hinge, adjustable lid stickers, and twin gas struts, the Ultima offers a smooth a self-rising lid upon opening -even in cold weather and years of dependable service. Boxes include a deep molded tool tray that provides storage for small items and sits above the ledge, allowing for maximum storage inside the box.
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